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What Our Clients Have to Say

Wow! It was mind-blowing how instantly EFT completely shifted my state and was able to disappear my feeling of self-doubt fully. Ikumi powerfully led me through a tapping technique that had me totally vibing high in just minutes. I felt like she was so tuned-in to my emotions and stayed with my shift the entire time. It was fast, and it worked!! It was incredible how light, alive and confident I felt afterward, and how motivated I was to take on every aspect of life! "Sayonara, self-doubt!'

Christina P.
Reiki Practitioner

My experience with Ikumi was AMAZING!We worked together on so many different techniques, from reframing my perspective, to Anchoring in positive emotions. She's asks deep questions and isn't afraid to take you to the places you may have been avoiding. Her coaching style is straightforward, which I personally love, and she genuinely cares for her clients and their success! I made massive shifts around being confident in myself and my business, and believing that the value I bring is of high service and it has completely changed how I see my business and how I feel about my message and purpose.Thank you so much Ikumi, you've helped me more than I could possibly express and I'm so grateful to you!

Jo z
Jordana Z.
Empowerment Coach

Before working with Ikumi, I struggled with 2 different identities that was hindering me from showing up in my business and helping my clients. I felt torn between adjusting my prices and wanting to help people. Ikumi spent time with me to get to the root cause of why I was struggling. She was so patient and intuitive to my dilemma! She used a technique called Parts Integration to help me get rid of playing small. While working with her, I realized I was selling myself short. Since working with Ikumi, I have a new reality of motivation and productivity!

Tamia p
Tamia P.
Personal Coach