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About me
Inner Super Hero

What if I ask, what was your superpower as a little girl, what would you say?

When you were very little, you COULD do anything, couldn't you?

🌻You thought everything was magical like rainbows and unicorns!

🌻You got lost in your imagination and stayed in a creative space!

🌻Everything was possible, and you were very optimistic!

🌻You felt you were very powerful & unstoppable just like a Wonder woman to save the world!

You had a SUPERPOWER once!

But what was happen to it?

Have you been told...

  • Stop Daydreaming!
  • Pay attention to the class.
  • Be more realistic.
  • Be happy with what you have.
  • Money doesn't grow on the tree.
  • Stop dreaming and get a real job.
  • You are not good enough or cute enough.

I'm sure you have! These are all Negative Programing!


The Truth is, you ARE still that little girl inside!

It's time for you to be in control again to stand in your own POWER to reclaim your CONFIDENCE and re-ignite the fire within your soul.

About me Revised

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