VIP Day with IKUMI

Let's dive in to create your dream life with step-by-step actionable strategies!

I offer a few spots per year for select clients to do a full immersion day in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

VIP Strategy Topics:

  • Creating your dream business: This can include going into different exercises to find your business idea and crafting a powerful plan of action to get it started, including planning to build your platform and website, create online courses or live events, writing a book, etc.
  • Planning your next move: Are you not sure what's next? Do you feel empty, uninspired, and bored? Have you hit a plateau? That's ok! Sometimes you need a little push to move forward!

Together we will:

  • Identify your strengths and call on your Super Powers to gain confidence from within to go after your dream
  • Use a diverse set of NLP, coaching and mindfulness tools to help you get where you want to be
  • Create an exhaustive project plan with a detailed list of action items to build the career/business/life you want

The VIP Strategy Day investment is $2,497, which includes:


-As a preparation for our day, we will jump on a 45-minute virtual call to set an agenda. I want to make sure I understand your drivers and motivation for the immersion day and tailor the day to your needs.


-We will have a 6-hour strategy session in person, incl. Breakfast, lunch, and coffee/tea breaks that are entirely focused on your needs.


-After the full immersion day, we will schedule a 45-minute session to debrief the day and follow-up on any action items.
-We will also discuss the best plan of action moving forward, incl. The option for additional coaching hours.
-I am also always happy to introduce people or companies that might be valuable for your business or personal growth.

Free Access to Ikumi's signature course (Value: $2,997):

-You will get access to the weekly online program WONDER WOMAN QUEST, including access to the online community to exchange with like-minded people.

Your Takeaways:

-Clarity of where you want to go next
-Knowledge of your own peak performance skills and habits
-A specific action plan to adjust your life based on what YOU want
-Confidence to rock your next phase of life
-Excitement about creating impact and influence in the area that's most important to you

*If you prefer not to travel to Lake Tahoe, I am happy to do a virtual full-day session or fly out to your location (travel costs apply).

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